This system provides real-time insights to healthcare providers for predicting inpatient falls.

US-based integrated virtual care solutions provider CareView Communications has entered an agreement to deploy its predictive patient monitoring system at Baltimore VA Medical Centre, Maryland.

CareView’s advanced predictive patient monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to timely address the patients at risk. Image Credit: CHIEW/ .

CareView Communications signed this agreement as part of its alliance with Decisive Point Consulting Group, which is a small business administration certified service disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB).

Decisive Point Consulting directly contracts Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals to leverage several CareView products for improving the services offered to veterans.

According to CareView Communications, the latest partnership is in line with Baltimore VA Medical Centre’s aim to install solutions that boost quality of care for veterans.

Besides, the collaboration supports CareView’s goal to advance virtual care solutions, which are designed to prioritise patient safety, streamline clinical workflows and offer cost efficiencies.

CareView chief operating officer Sandra McRee said: “At CareView, we are dedicated to redefining the patient care through innovation.

“Our collaboration with the Baltimore VA Medical Centre signifies a significant leap towards realising this vision and ensuring the well-being of our nation’s veterans.”

Designed to provide real-time insights to healthcare providers, the predictive patient monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for predicting inpatient falls.

The medical staff can also use this intelligent predictive monitoring technology to timely address the patients at risk and further prevent potential accident, while also minimising the overall costs related with patient falls.

Another distinctive feature of CareView’s system is to provide a ‘serene’ ambience for care by eliminating the use of audible alarms in patient areas.

This June, CareView teamed up with Get Well to facilitate inpatient virtual care through integration of their technologies.