Accuray Incorporated has teamed up with TrueNorth Medical Physics to provide radiation oncology departments with third-party support to advance cancer care for more patients.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, TrueNorth will offer services that are complementary and supplementary to those supplied by Accuray.

The services will be offered as an extension to the hospital team, on-site, remote or hybrid, to help ensure they have the staffing needed to achieve patient treatment goals.

TrueNorth team will leverage the vast knowledge base to provide physics, dosimetry, and commissioning support for the Accuray TomoTherapy, Radixact and CyberKnife Systems.

TrueNorth managing partner Matt Daniels said: “We have extensive experience working with Accuray’s Radixact, TomoTherapy and CyberKnife platforms and are impressed with the unique features and associated benefits they provide.

“Nevertheless, we are an independent company with expertise across multiple industry platforms.

“Our organisation is dedicated to providing unbiased feedback and support that improves the practice of radiation therapy medicine and enhances a team’s ability to deliver care.”

TrueNorth is engaged in providing specialised services that support a hospital’s team and are customised to their specific requirements.

With the addition of TrueNorth offerings, Accuray is enabled to provide an expanded range of solutions to help medical professionals throughout their tenure.

The company’s technology assistance will vary based on the clinical and economic goals, experience, and equipment age.

Accuray offers a combination of standard and customisable services according to the preferences and circumstances, helping clinicians deliver the best possible outcomes.

Accuray president and CEO Suzanne Winter said: “Accuray is committed to innovation in every aspect of our business, whether it be the radiotherapy technology we develop or the support we provide to customers to help them achieve their patient-focused treatment objectives.

“In today’s dynamic and evolving healthcare environment, labour shortages and operational challenges may hinder hospitals from maintaining the staffing levels needed to meet their clinical demands and standards.

“We partnered with TrueNorth Medical Physics to provide care teams with another option for obtaining the resources they require to advance the treatment of cancer for more patients within their facilities.”