The pandemic highlighted to the world the critical importance of analysis and research laboratories. The reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technique gained prominence, emerging as one of the primary diagnostic tools due to its ability to process a large number of samples efficiently within a short timeframe. Nevertheless, laboratories can only make effective contributions if their data management flows smoothly, ensuring both security and optimal productivity.

The extensive data collected, ranging from medical records to demographic information, requires advanced tools for analysis. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have emerged as crucial components for analysing datasets and identifying patterns that enable the prediction of outcomes, thereby facilitating automatic and rapid diagnoses without human intervention.

Another key aspect of combining AI and machine learning is their role in data classification and treatment orientation, which aids in the development of comprehensive databases essential for formulating effective healthcare strategies.

In this scene, Certest Biotec has developed the Viasure V-Smart artificial intelligence tool based on machine learning. This innovative software enables automatic interpretation, analysis, and visualisation of data obtained from realtime PCR tests. With direct integration into laboratory information systems, Viasure V-Smart offers unparalleled response times. Its algorithm can analyse results obtained with Viasure Real-Time PCR Detection Kits, compatible with various real-time PCR equipment models, thereby significantly streamlining diagnostic test management.