SCHILLER is pleased to announce that as of the 1 October 2015, SCHILLER Latin America merged into SCHILLER America, to form the subsidiary SCHILLER Americas.

This entity has responsibility over the entire Americas continent, with Dr. Francesco Iacona in the role of CEO.

Consolidation of both territories comes with many advantages: all processes are being optimised, reaction time is further reduced. Customers will benefit from increased efficiency thanks to resource sharing, from office space to personnel to services, inventory management, purchasing and logistics.

Cardiologist Francesco Iacona has been successful as General Manager of SCHILLER Latin America, bringing very positive results in a short time. We trust that his proved business and management skills will have an immediate positive impact on SCHILLER Americas as well.

This merger is the starting point for an even stronger representation of SCHILLER in America. We congratulate Dr Francesco Iacona on his additional responsibility and wish him the best in this new endeavour.