How the videos can help you

This easy-to-follow video series showcases the simple, straightforward application of NATROX® O₂. See how quick and easy it is to integrate NATROX® O₂ into your clinical practice. What’s more, these videos can simplify the process of training staff.

What the video series covers

Learn how and what to prepare beforehand, and then unlock best practices on applying NATROX® O₂ on a variety of wounds.

The library of playlists includes:

  • How to Apply NATROX® O₂
  • Device Management
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Setup & Supplies

These videos can guide you – anywhere, anytime! It’s worth noting that the videos follow USA instructions for use, and include USA products and protocols.

Where to find the series

To browse the series, visit our dedicated landing page:

Or, watch on our YouTube Channel: