NATROX® Wound Care expands into the digital arena with the launch of its new offering, NATROX® IQ. The advanced wound hub is a digital app designed specifically for wound care teams to help manage caseloads more effectively. Clinicians can achieve consistency when capturing and documenting patient wound data. Available now through distribution partners in Hong Kong and Malaysia, NATROX® IQ is designed to make wound documentation easier.

“This new offering bolsters our ongoing effort to support clinicians,” said Craig Kennedy, CEO of NATROX® Wound Care. “Our company is founded on bringing new, innovative technology to market. NATROX® IQ delivers an intelligent solution designed specifically for wound care clinicians.”

What is NATROX® IQ
The advanced digital platform offers a central, cloud-based hub where clinical teams—across various locations or disciplines—can capture and access up-to-date information on wound care patients. The platform can even connect to a third party software that leverages the power of AI to digitally measure wound size and depth, enabling greater accuracy1. It also allows clinicians to oversee wound progression remotely via a telehealth feature which includes video conferencing and SMS messaging. This can help reduce nonessential clinic visits and increase convenience for both patients and clinicians.

Until now, wound care clinics around the world faced the challenge of non-standardized documentation scattered across different systems by the multidisciplinary teams involved in patient care. Unfortunately, this can result in sub-optimum care and communication.

NATROX® IQ provides an easy digital template clinicians can follow when documenting wound progression. This helps clinical teams standardise documentation methods across care settings and improve communication.

“I’ve seen the benefits of using NATROX® IQ and having standardised data at our fingertips,” said Dr. Kumar at Klinik Inocare in Malaysia. “Our staff capture wound data consistently and quickly, and everyone can access up-to-date information about patients.”

NATROX® IQ is currently available through NATROX® Wound Care distribution partners in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Like most geographical areas, Asia has been impacted by the effects of a global pandemic and an increasingly ageing population2. NATROX® IQ offers a solution where patients can be seen in any care setting while clinicians maintain quality oversight.

“We’re excited to use NATROX® IQ,” said May Ng, Nurse Consultant, Solutions Health Care Products & Services Ltd. “It means clinicians can easily prioritise where to allocate their resources. They get greater flexibility to manage patients in the comfort of their homes without compromising care.”

NATROX® IQ will be available in additional markets in the coming months. To learn more about the platform, visit: