Hong Kong and Dublin, 1st February 2023, GA Health Company Limited (GA Health), a leading medical device developer and manufacturer, has released a new bronchoscope suction valve for the European markets. The product, created to address the accidental breakage of the bronchoscope valve and continuous suction during a procedure, is the first of its kind in the world.

The current suction valve in the market can break during the procedure, with the possibility of a piece of the suction valve remaining attached to the endoscope. In the case of the suction valve breakage, the suction fluid capability can be affected, resulting in a potential vision decrease for the user and a possible procedure interruption which can lead to extended patient procedure time and prolonged patient exposure to anaesthesia.

Bronchoscopy operates in small airways. Continuous suction during the procedure can cause patient injury, such as bleeding, resulting in challenging extubating.

GA Health pioneered the design of suction valves, creating one stronger than other models. This advanced structure minimizes breakage during installation or removal—and ensures that it will stay intact when used in the procedure.

To create a more regulated suction flow, GA Health developed an improved toggling mechanism on the valve. The goal was to achieve better patient outcomes by minimizing continuous suction that could interrupt the procedure—and cause discomfort.

GA Health is dedicated to sustainable product development. The packaging is printed with vegetable-based ink and 90% of its packaging is made with recyclable materials.Plus, with a ready-to-use offering, the nurses could save crucial time for patient care.

There are three SKUs in this Product Release

GAR109 – Andorate Bronchoscope Valve Set ( Suction Valve, Biopsy Valve)

GAR109A – Andorate Bronchoscope Suction Valve

GAR021 – Andorate Bronchoscope Biopsy Valve

About GA Health

Early screening can significantly improve gastrointestinal disease survival rate.

GA Health was founded by Ken Mc Cabe and Cindy Ye in Hong Kong, who sought to develop effective solutions for infection prevention for patients through innovative design that prioritises our users’ needs.

GA Health’s innovative and sustainable product development is at the center of its mission. Being a product-led company, GA Health focuses on sustainability, not just the product design but also the design for usability, manufacturing, and distribution. The products created by GA Health have gained worldwide acceptance among healthcare professionals.

The company distributes its own brand Andorate to 20 countries across Europe, America and Australasia. Moreover, it continues developing products that meet market needs by working closely with the healthcare professionals.

For more information, visit www.gahealth.com