For healthcare professionals, it is important to set up infusions quickly and safely. The specialised design of Terumo’s Terufusion advanced infusion system enables inherent handling, resulting in a quick and clear start.

A hospital’s primary mission is to treat patients safely, while providing accurate treatments in a simple, easy-to-use workflow for clinicians. Terumo is an established and renowned international medical company, whose mission is to contribute to society through healthcare.

Terumo has over 20 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art, power-driven infusion and syringe pumps, to meet the demands of the modern healthcare environment. This is complemented by an extensive range of consumables including syringes, infusion sets and accessories. Terumo, with the Terufusion advanced infusion system, is a comprehensive and reliable partner for providers of infusion therapy.

Ensuring patient safety

The Terufusion advanced infusion system ensures patient safety by providing a safer way of working. This is achieved by combining state-of-the-art advanced technologies; ensuring clinicians are able to provide the most up-to-date treatments, in a device that is clear and easy to use, to reduce the possibility of errors being made and patients receiving incorrect treatment.

In order to assure the optimal treatment for the patient it is possible to choose different infusion modes including the multistep mode, delayed start mode and interval/intermittent mode, which allows for the best infusion therapy for the patient.

The Terufusion infusion system is provided with a large colour display as standard, ensuring all the necessary information required by healthcare professionals to ensure safer patient treatment, can be easily seen and clearly identified. This large colour display ensures all messages, alarms, warnings, names of medication and flow rate can be clearly seen in one view, even from a distance.

Flexible library

The advanced Terufusion smart pumps include a flexible drug library, capable of providing up to 30 profiles and 3,000 different drugs, allowing healthcare providers to create dedicated drug profiles to meet the individual needs of the patient and their treatment. Using the large colour display combined with the drug library colour-coded tags, drugs can be easily identified to reduce potential mistakes in the infusion treatment and bringing infusion management to a higher level.

Easy to use

For healthcare professionals, on many occasions, not just in emergency cases, it is important to start the infusion quickly. The Terufusion advanced infusion system has a fast self-check combined with a simple interface and unique rotary dial that can reduce the time of starting infusion therapy to under 12 seconds.

All LM series Terufusion infusion pumps incorporate an anti-free flow (AFF) function, to prevent an inadvertent bolus infusion, that will automatically operate when the door is opened, ensuring the patient is protected.

With the Terufusion advanced infusion systems, Terumo is not only contributing to society through healthcare, but also contributing to healthcare workers, to work safely in the mission of treating patients.