Today, ultrasound imaging is not only a diagnostic tool. Ultrasound scanners are now also being used with other imaging, surgical and therapeutic devices to improve diagnosis and treatment. Telemed offers a range of ultrasound solutions, from ready-tomarket to custom-designed options.

Telemed hardware includes various beamformers, customisable ultrasound keyboards and various ultrasound transducers. Ultrasound beamformers are capable of controlling linear, convex and phased array transducers. Each beamformer module includes front-end transmit/receive circuitry, power supply and a signal processing module. It is possible to interface with PCs using a USB 2.0 controller. Imaging modes include B, M, 4B (standard and colour), power, pulse wave and continuous wave (probe and system-dependent).

Telemed’s software development kit (SDK), provided with the system, offers an easy and fast way to develop a customised user interface for stand-alone imaging systems or application-specific devices, or to add ultrasound capabilities to existing equipment. The SDK is a set of C++ libraries providing user access to most system parameters.

Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Telemed has been designing and manufacturing ultrasound components and complete scanners since 1992. Production quality is confirmed by an ISO/EN 13485 quality system and US FDA 510k-cleared products.