The latest products from leading medical systems manufacturer Shimadzu combine superb image quality with increased comfort for patients and medical staff alike.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced imaging systems and equipment for medical diagnosis and treatment, Shimadzu has remained a pioneer of technology and design for more than 100 years, since producing Japan’s first X-ray apparatus for medical use in 1909.

Still at the forefront of technological innovation, the company describes four of its latest imaging products.

Opescope Acteno: C-arm with high operability and image quality

The new Opescope Acteno surgical C-arm system enables free and easy positioning and optimal performance to meet the demands of operation and emergency rooms.

The system combines high image quality with ease of use. The fully counterbalanced C-arm provides exceptionally light and quick C-arm movements and positioning. The manual vertical C-arm movements enable much quicker height adjustments in routine operations.

Shimadzu’s unique C-arm lock/release button on the image intensifier allows the C-arm to be positioned from the clinician’s side without the need to go back to the cart unit. The enlarged 78cm-wide opening of the C-arm facilitates approaches to the patient, minimising the risk of contact with the operating table.

Best in class: Sonialvision G4 multifunctional R/F system

The new Sonialvision G4 is a high-performance R/F table that provides numerous best-in-class features, significantly improving its functionality and operability.

The Sonialvision G4 combines the widest possible range of examinations with interdepartmental hospital capability. It is equipped with the largest available FPD, at 43×43cm, and Shimadzu’s next-generation digital imaging platform. Combined with the large longitudinal stroke of Sonialvision G4, the FPD provides an extensive imaging area. In combination with an additional ceiling-mounted telescopic arm, a bucky wall stand and a second mobile FPD, the system easily extends into a sophisticated multifunctional R/F room.

In addition, advanced SUREengine (Shimadzu Ultimate Real-time Enhancement engine) technology contributes to creating excellent image quality. It enables the natural enhancement of the entire image for clearer revelation of all examination areas, including small, faint targets.

Shimadzu’s premium application software offers the most recent improvements for diagnostic imaging, such as tomosynthesis for general radiographic imaging and slot scanning. Processing time is minimal while image quality is increased.

Vascular interventions from head to toe: Trinias angiographic system series

With growing life expectancy, the number of age-related diseases of the blood vessels increases as well. In particular, stenosis or occlusions of the arteries can cause circulatory disorders affecting organs or other body parts.

Shimadzu’s latest Trinias angiography series offers true multipurpose systems for cardiovascular and angiographic procedures, and are available in floor and ceiling-mounted versions or as a biplane system.

Trinias is equipped with a 30×30cm FPD supporting a head-to-toe range of vascular interventions, from cerebral, cardiac and abdominal blood vessels to peripheral blood vessels in the upper and lower extremities, or with a 20×20cm FPD supporting specialist cardiovascular interventions.

The Trinias series features innovative designs applying the SCORE, SMART and SMILE philosophy that sets Shimadzu apart:

  • SCORE imaging technology ensures powerful support for advanced interventions while reducing patient dose and increasing radiographic and fluoroscopic image quality
  • SMART design allows significant enhanced operability with a fast response time
  • providing a safe and comfortable environment, the SMILE concept is primarily about comprehensive X-ray dose management and the comfort of patients and operators.

Evolving technology with outstandingly high flexibility

The MobileDaRt Evolution incorporates highly developed functions to improve the clinical workflow. A new FPD with a large field of view (43×43cm) is available. Additionally, detectors with an FOV of 35×43cm and 27×35cm allow operators to act even more independently when taking images in areas such as radiology, emergency rooms, traumatology, orthopaedics, paediatrics or on the ward. The detectors combine high sensitivity with the lowest possible dose of radiation, and provide sharp, high-quality images. For hospitals, the choice of detectors provides huge flexibility, offering the options for instance of running two different detectors to enhance the range of applications, retrofitting the analogue MobileArt series or even sharing the detectors with compatible digital X-ray rooms.

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