Improving Health at the Point of Care

Randox is a global leader in diagnostic solutions, improving global health with a revolutionary product portfolio that includes open-channel reagents and chemistry, immunoassay, and POC analysers. With 40+ years of experience, we offer market-leading quality control solutions, including daily QC, calibration verification, and proficiency testing. Our Biochip technology offers clinical, research, and molecular panels, streamlining laboratory processes of all sizes. Trusted worldwide, Randox is an ideal choice for laboratories looking to improve their diagnostics capabilities at the Point of Care.

RX misano

The RX misano redefines semi-automated clinical chemistry testing at the point of care with ground-breaking technology, setting a new standard for the RX series. It offers precise results at a competitive price, performing routine and specialised tests, including chemistries, specific proteins, antioxidants, veterinary and diabetes testing across various sample types. The system ensures accuracy with automatic error flagging and innovative QC software, saving time and costs while reducing the risk of misdiagnosis.

With up to 10 wavelengths available, the RX misano provides a wide range of testing capabilities, running in flow cell or cuvette mode to maximise efficiency. Advanced security features safeguard patient results and confidentiality, while the user-friendly maintenance screen eliminates the need for expensive engineer call-outs, ensuring uninterrupted laboratory operation and timely patient results.


The Vivalytic is a ground-breaking molecular diagnostic testing system resulting from a successful collaboration between Bosch Healthcare Solutions and Randox Laboratories. Offering a rapid 4-step sample-to-result, cartridge-based testing for detecting various pathogens at the Point of Care. With High-Plex and Low-Plex capabilities, Vivalytic utilises fully automated processes, eliminating the need for manual preparation, cold chain reagents, and multiple devices. This unique, space-saving, and hygienic solution requires no additional peripherals like laptops, keyboards, barcode scanners, or filling stations.


The Randox VeraSTAT is an innovative point-of-care device that delivers accurate results in as little as 6 minutes. Using cathodic electrochemiluminescence technology, it overcomes the limitations of previous tests in sensitivity, accuracy, ease of use, and cost efficiency. Its intuitive interface makes it simple and easy to operate, and its small size allows for easy transportation to multiple testing locations. The all-in-one cassette contains all necessary reagents, eliminating the need for preparation. With the Randox VeraSTAT, you can make immediate decisions at the point of care, saving time and facilitating rapid diagnosis wherever it's needed.

Evidence MultiSTAT

Our ground-breaking Biochip Technology powers the Evidence MultiSTAT, an automated analyser capable of detecting up to 21 classical, prescription, and synthetic drugs from a single sample. This patented multi-analyte testing platform works across various matrices, providing a comprehensive toxicology profile within minutes, revolutionising drug detection. The process requires minimal sample preparation and delivers qualitative results in under 20 minutes, ensuring an efficient and accurate toxicology screen.


Our RIQAS program is the world's largest EQA with 55,000+ participants in 134 countries. Expanding into Point of Care Testing (POCT), our mission is to elevate care quality by producing high-quality solutions for accurate and reliable patient testing, while saving time and reducing costs.

RIQAS enhances POCT quality in various settings: pharmacies, GP surgeries, hospitals, sports clinics, supermarkets, diagnostic/treatment centres, and walk-in centres. It provides independent evidence of accurate and reliable test results for clinical labs and POCT environments.

RIQAS Point of Care samples mimic patient behaviour for comparable results. Free from interfering preservatives, they ensure EQA performance aligns with patients. The comprehensive range of analytes reduces costs and preparation time.

Ready-to-use samples offer user convenience, no preparation required. The website's easy-to-use interface facilitates program management and result retrieval. Our traffic light system ensures quick, reliable report interpretation, reflecting patients' outcomes. At RIQAS, we support healthcare professionals with top-notch quality control for improved patient care at the point of care.