X-ray QA solution specialist QUART has introduced an electronic X-ray ruler with enhanced features. The new and improved QUART nonius ruler now provides added measurement capabilities for user benefit and increased labour efficiency.

The QUART nonius is an easy-to-use but sophisticated measuring instrument to verify size and geometrical properties of X-ray fields in radiography, fluoroscopy and CBCT. It analyses characteristics of fanned X-ray beams as used in CT or dental panoramic X-ray. The device can be applied with digital and conventional X-ray applications. In any case, its precision is an absolute strong point – as it is accurate to 0.1mm.

Originally, screen-film was used for checks on X-ray beam properties. But digitisation in X-ray technology makes traditional screen-films less available. Here, the QUART nonius is able to step in. Yet, it provides even more substantial features, such as verification technology that ascertains if the light visor matches the actual radiation field.

That applies to radiology or fluoroscopy application including CR or DR mammography. It can verify a concentric radiation field in a dental intra-oral tube beam applicator. Moreover, the nonius provides the option to assess the position of a fanned beam relative to the image receiving detector or verify the nominal width to the total width of a fan beam as used in dental panoramic or CT X-ray modalities.

Added value of the device is provided by its graphic user interface (GUI). As the device is coupled up to a Windows operated laptop or tablet, measured data is displayed as radiation profile of an edge or a waveform. The powerful nonius software incorporates a database feature to add and manage customer data, and to create automated protocols to follow soft or hard-copy requirements.