Mobidiag is engaged in the fight against antibiotic resistance in Europe and has tackled the issue with two product lines. Its Amplidiag product line is tailored to large hospital laboratories, which require systems capable of handling large numbers of samples efficiently and in an automated manner. This line meets the extensive laboratory testing requirements for gastrointestinal infections, including super bacteria. Thanks to its on-demand capacity, the new Novodiag solution can answer needs from laboratories of all sizes. Novodiag offers easy handling of samples and quick analysis without the need for extensive expertise.

On-demand targeted and syndromic testing

Novodiag allows the direct analysis of a patient sample placed in a disposable cartridge for comprehensive screening of single or multiple pathogens within approximately one hour, as opposed to a few days using current culture methods. Thanks to this unique and flexible solution, clinicians can make effective and quick decisions that allow them to deliver relevant treatments and potentially lessen the spread of infections and diseases.

The Novodiag automated system has a pioneering positioning for syndromic approach: it is the first to allow on-demand management of a large panel of pathogens.
– Emmanuel Chanard, Cerballiance Lyon

"Combining qPCR and microarray technologies, Novodiag brings the power of molecular diagnostics into routine use for on-demand, targeted and syndromic testing, a combination that has not been achieved by other providers," says Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag.

"The Novodiag automated system has a pioneering positioning for syndromic approach: it is the first to allow on-demand management of a large panel of pathogens. This facilitates sampling processes and, in the context of centralisation with late sample arrivals, it can guarantee sameday reporting, whereas you need to wait for the next day to start a new set of tests on another system," says Emmanuel Chanard, microbiology analytics director at Cerballiance Lyon.

Aude Lesenne, biologist at Cerballiance Wissous, comments, "This technology can easily be implemented in the laboratory, with a high ease of use based on disposable cartridges. Training time is greatly reduced; it is less than four hours, whereas it is several months for regular PCR."

Small footprint and multiple possibilities

Novodiag is a compact instrument with a small footprint, minimising bench space requirements. Thanks to its on-demand capacity, up to 16 samples can be run at the same time. Among available tests, the Novodiag Bacterial GE+ test cartridge can identify dozens of targets simultaneously, including the most relevant bacteria causing diarrhea, for instance. "The available panels are well suited for routine use, consistent with prescribers' requirements and in accordance with French regulations," acknowledges Lesenne.

In a time where antibiotic resistance is a major threat to global health, the optimised process offered by Novodiag allows medical professionals to detect antibiotic resistance rapidly and limit the systematic use of antibiotics, among other things. With quick and reliable results, the fully automated system can support early decision-making prior to any treatment delivery and can also improve patient care; for example, by reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is a key focus in Mobidiag's product pipeline and a dedicated Novodiag test cartridge is under development, to be released in 2018.