Mammotome is dedicated to creating a better biopsy experience for physicians and patients. Through innovative product launches and new product acquisitions, it addresses biopsy workflow and efficiency for unsurpassed patient care.

Mammotome is the pioneer and global market-share leader of vacuum-assisted breast biopsy devices. With a series of new product launches and targeted acquisitions this year, the company, which is a division of Devicor® Medical Products, now offers an expanded portfolio of advanced biopsy products to allow physicians to create ideal biopsy suites in any modality.

Bringing more to the table

Mammotome introduces a comprehensive stereotactic biopsy suite, providing an integrated approach to procedural efficiency without compromising tissue quality, from positioning to diagnosis.

Mammotome acquired MammoTest® from Siemens this year. A fully digital, prone biopsy table offering 360° lesion access and an exclusive polar coordinate targeting system, it provides superior and efficient performance, plus greater patient comfort and direct patient/physician communication throughout the procedure. Mammotome will unveil dramatic imaging improvements at RSNA 2014 in Chicago (30 November-5 December).

Mammotome revolve®, a dual vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) system, provides advanced technology to improve the patient experience, while giving clinicians confidence in results. It is the only VAB device that eliminates tissue handling, allowing clinicians to proceed immediately to specimen radiograph with no additional steps. Challenging cases are made easier with on-demand variable aperture, more access to posterior chest wall lesions and instant SteadyVac™ to minimise haematomas.

Mammotome revolve and Mammotome CoreVision® provide a complete ‘fire to formalin’ solution with calcification confirmation in under two minutes. Through a partnership with Faxitron Bioptics, Mammotome now distributes Mammotome CoreVision, a point-of-care specimen radiography system, which confirms the presence of micro-calcifications with the simple touch of a button.

Innovation under ultrasound

The firm’s expanded ultrasound portfolio provides the latest technology in tethered and tetherless ultrasound VAB devices. Mammotome elite® combines high-quality tissue with the speed and efficiency of a core needle; a ten-gauge version will be announced at RSNA 2014. Mammotome revolve U/S is the latest addition to the Mammotome revolve platform. With simple and ergonomic operation, it acquires the desired volume of tissue in fewer passes. Patients experience a fast procedure, while clinicians maximise intact cores for a confident diagnosis.

The choice is yours

Mammotome offers the most comprehensive tissue marker portfolio. HydroMARK®, now part of the Mammotome family, provides physicians unmatched, long-term ultrasound visibility. MammoMARK®, meanwhile, provides unsurpassed placement accuracy enabled by the rapidly expanding collagen carrier plug and MammoStar®’s natural carrier plug and non-metallic clip offer a hypoallergenic marking alternative. Together, these tissue markers provide customised options for every biopsy need.

This suite of mammography devices enables the industry pioneer to transform minimally invasive breast biopsy through innovation and integration, resulting in a better experience for clinicians and patients.