Linet’s flagship product, the Multicare bed, now offers a new generation of functions and features for even better care in the demanding intensive care environment. The company is introducing two unique features of its updated bed – i-Drive Power technology, which revolutionises the transport of patients in their bed, and the ‘Sanitized’ hygiene function, which provides exceptional protection against the spread and transmission of extremely dangerous hospital infections.

The performance and attributes of the Multicare critical care bed provide support for healthcare staff in saving lives at intensive care units. It actively supports vital functions, provides a 100%-safe space for patients and does not contributes to pressure ulcers.

The added value is its high level of ergonomics and technology for safe work with the bed.

The ergonomic placement of controls allows intuitive operation of the bed, making work safe and less demanding. Many daily routine tasks such as patient hygiene, positioning or changing beds are facilitated by the lateral-tilting function. By tilting the bed, the patient can be turned from side to side simply and effortlessly, allowing staff to continue with their work. At the same time, the tilting function is very safe and can be used for other activities, including moving the patient to a stretcher or for mobilisation.

Automatic lateral therapy is a function that maintains the Multicare bed and the patient in it via a permanent cycle of programmed lateral tilts. This partly replaces the natural movement of the human body and acts preventatively against serious respiratory complications.

In addition, the Multicare bed includes the special Mobi-Lift function for safe mobilisation, which is one of the key moments for patient recovery. The extendable support handle, with an integrated push-button controlling the patient’s height adjustment, safely and comfortably lifts the patient to an ideal starting position for their first steps.

In combination with other elements, for example, a properly adjusted backrest for support and side rail handle as another point of support, patient verticalisation is safe yet not physically demanding on nursing staff.

Transport with i-Drive Power

Another solution designed to reduce physical exertion by staff is the i-Drive Power function to simplify the transport of beds. I-Drive Power is an electric-powered fifth central castor that optimises speed based on an evaluation of external conditions. The bed can be moved faster down long, straight corridors, but slower in narrow, confined spaces.

Special attention is paid to safety and ergonomic operation so that the movement of the bed is always under control, and in emergency situations, the bed stops automatically within moments. The main safety feature is the Safety Sense sensor located beneath the control handle that can accurately detect the presence of staff. The sensor is activated by placing a hand on the control handle.

As soon as the handle is released, the bed stops automatically. All buttons are ergonomically located on the sides of the handle and their placement respects the shape of the human hand for ease-of-use.

New ‘Sanitized’ antibacterial treatment

A serious threat in an intensive care environment is the growth and transmission of bacteria that can cause dangerous infections. Multicare beds now offer an integrated hygiene function for maximum protection against the spread and transmission of bacteria in the most exposed places, particularly the side rails and ends of the bed.

‘Sanitized’ hygiene technology uses an active admixture of silver phosphate glass, which is implemented during production. This actively and continuously counteracts the growth of microbes. This way, ‘Sanitized’ antibacterial treatment extends the time between the bed’s individual hygiene cycles. This in turn translates into cost savings for cleaning and disinfecting beds, as well as higher standards of hygiene for patients’ peace of mind.

The Linet Multicare bed’s functions combine cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge on intensive care, patient safety and the challenges faced by healthcare staff. By tackling issues of comfort, safety, hygiene and practicality, the Multicare bed offers essential support that will make a difference for patients and nursing staff alike.