LINET manufactures approximately 40,000 hospital and nursing beds each year. The company’s portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment, and special beds for old people’s homes and long-term care facilities. The LINET range also includes accessories such as anti-pressure-ulcer mattresses, mobile equipment and healthcare furniture.

LINET’s flagship product – the Multicare bed – has new functions and features for better treatment in the demanding intensive care environment. It is reliable and eliminates the physical effort required from hospital staff. A special function is the i-Drive Power technology, which has revolutionised the transport of patients while in bed.

Transport with i-Drive Power

The transport of patients who have to remain in bed to an examination room, operating theatre or between wards is part of the daily routine of hospital staff. In some cases, it is physically demanding work that places an unnecessary burden on nurses. Sometimes the total weight can be up to 500kg, and staff, including nurses, transport such a load several times a day. The terrain can be complicated – long hospital corridors can slope up or down and moving a bed in tight spaces such as a lift or small room is difficult.

Moving the bed easily, safely and with minimum physical effort is the idea behind i-Drive Power intelligent technology. It has an electric-powered fifth central castor, which optimises speed based on an evaluation of external conditions. The bed can be moved faster down long and straight corridors, but slower in narrow and confined spaces.

Special attention is paid to safety and ergonomic operation, so the movement of the bed is always under control. In emergency situations, the bed stops by itself very quickly. The main safety feature is the Safety Sense sensor located beneath the control handle. The sensor is activated by placing a hand on the control handle, which always detects the presence of staff. As soon as the handle is released, the bed stops automatically. All buttons are ergonomically located on the sides of the handle and with consideration of the shape of the human hand.

Universal support

The Multicare bed as a whole responds to the needs and expectations of healthcare teams working in the ICU, and anesthesiology and resuscitation environment. Many daily routine tasks such as patient hygiene and positioning or changing beds are facilitated by the lateral tilting function. By tilting the bed, the patient can be effortlessly turned from side to side, allowing staff to continue with their work. At the same time, the tilting function is safe and can be used for moving the patient to a stretcher or for mobilisation. In addition, the Multicare bed includes the special Mobi-Lift function for safe mobilisation, which is one of the key moments for patient recovery.

The extendable support handle with an integrated push-button, controls the patient’s height adjustment and safely lifts the patient to an ideal starting position for their first steps.

The comprehensive Multicare bed is a versatile solution for safe hospitalisation in critical care. It supports the patient during the treatment and recovery process, facilitates the demanding work of hospital staff, saves costs and increases efficiency thanks to its progressive functions.