The Agilia pumps from Fresenius Kabi have confirmed their success with more than 600,000 bases installed worldwide. Agilia SP Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) is a new syringe pump designed for the patient to selfadminister a dose of analgesic drug with an ergonomic in-house developed handset. This allows more independency and safety in patients’ self-administration.

Market trends show that the total revenue of this business is $86 million and the total units are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% until 2022. Growth in the market is driven by increasing demands for pain management due to the raising ageing population, improved cancer care, post-operative treatment and even treatment outside the hospital.

In the hospital, dealing with pain management for the patients in general therapies is central.

Agilia SP Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) is a new syringe pump designed for the patient to self-administer a dose of analgesic drug with an ergonomic in-house developed handset.

Cybersecured hardware

A long research was undertaken by Fresenius Kabi to gather input in order to build the main features that the patients and the clinicians are looking for.

This type of device is intended to deliver pain killers and they are often stolen from the hospital. Several questions concerning the level of protection needed around the device then arose. The decision for Agilia SP PCA was to completely lock the syringe part with a physical key as well as a fourdigit code to prevent the patient from changing the dose, resulting in a safer overall product.

An ergonomic handset

A new device was developed to function on the Agilia Connect syringe pump with the integration of specific programs such as PCA dose, lock-out time, basal rate, cumulative limits, loading dose and more. The high-quality patient handset is an original in-house design that allows the patient to intuitively and effectively control the device. Fresenius Kabi has managed to harmonise the Agilia Connect family with this new pump and reorganised the hardware inside to perfectly integrate it into the rest of the portfolio – including Vigilant Master Med, the brand-new DERS (Dose Error Reduction Software) to help healthcare providers in their daily work.

The drug library Vigilant Master Med and the Agilia pumps work together to achieve dose error reduction with a high flexibility of customisation based on the different protocols that the clinicians use. Conscious of the safety issues in the hospitals, Fresenius Kabi offers 3,800 drugs and 19 profiles to further personalise and better adapt to the clinicians’ practice in a continuous process of making a secured infusion system. The configuration of any type of parameters (drug or non-drug related) at the therapy level gives a high flexibility of customisation for every ward.

Agilia SP PCA is part of the Agilia family, a seamless program to integrate in any hospital information system. When used with the drug library, it enables a better clinical follow-up.

With a competitive price, an ergonomic handset and a completely protected hardware to administer analgesics in the safest way, Agilia SP PCA promises to increase the quality of life of the patients.