Healthcare market research is a necessary part of advancing medicine – since any progress requires structure and direction. Each physician gains a multitude of experiences and knowledge with every single product and patient.

Participating in healthcare market research is participating in innovation. It gives change a necessary direction and supports the development of better medical products that will benefit us all: healthcare professionals and patients, through better healthcare delivery.

Delivering meaningful data

Data information intelligence (dii) stands for innovative, highquality healthcare market research. In the past 12 years, dii has supported innovative medical products by conscientiously listening to thousands of physicians and medical specialists in more than 50 countries.

Its multilingual project teams function as translators between healthcare professionals and manufacturers.

Join the vision and see dii at booth 162 at ECCMID or meet the team at AACC, ESMO or AMP. Medical and healthcare professionals can also subscribe to the dii medical expert panel on the dii website.

Current research topics focus on new sample collection and sample transport solutions, an assessment of the ECCMID technical exhibition and new ideas to fight the burden of hospital-acquired infections. Healthcare market research drives medical innovation and improves delivery of patient care. Be part of it.