HP’s latest series of printers, the OfficeJet X, allows significant savings in cost and energy, while also being ecological. Built with the healthcare industry in mind, it can ensure a healthier environment, improve productivity and protect confidentiality.

"Most organisations have very little understanding of their real total cost of ownership where print and copy are concerned." This disturbing but expert view of the market comes from Toby Carter-Hall, MPS architect, Landscape Group. This creates a challenge as well as an opportunity, and highlights an often overlooked or ignored area thatis becoming more important than ever in today’s healthcare environment.

For those with more sense than money

Many hospitals, clinics and practices around the worldthat are committed to better patient engagement find themselves constrained by time and cost limitations and often have to forgo colour printing altogether. HP has some good news to help turn that trend around.

The HP OfficeJet X series is built for the modern healthcare environment. In addition to cost-efficiency, you get speed (up to 70 pages a minute), multifunction capabilities, mobile printing, security and manageability. You can improve staff and patient satisfaction, while at the same time achieving dramatic cost and environmental efficiencies, which can make a vital difference.

HP OfficeJet X series reinvents printing to bring new capabilities and a new cost model to colour printing. Healthcare providers can now include selective colour in wristbands for precautionary purposes. They can highlight medical conditions on patient forms, and underscore vital instructions on educational handouts and post-visit instructions, all to improve the patient and the carer experience. Uses span across most hospital departments and medical facilities, including admissions, clinical care, discharge, billing and follow-up care.

Vital energy savings and more

When there is so much pressure related to costs and efficiency, isn’t it great to find an unexpected source of savings? Think what these savings could mean for you and your hospital, clinic or practice. But it’s not just about cost, it’s about maintaining a healthier environment, improving productivity, and protecting confidentiality with easier maintenance and fleet management, and all while doing more for the environment. The HP OfficeJet X series delivers breakthrough environmental benefits that lead to significant savings. They are low-emission, making them ideal for safe environments, and use up to 50% less energy, less paper, and generate about 90% less packaging waste.

The green credentials are one of the key reasons why healthcare establishments around the world are making the switch to HP OfficeJet X series. Others include:

  • vibrant, affordable colour
  • better for the environment
  • improved document flow
  • security at every level
  • less maintenance
  • easier management
  • speed and productivity
  • HP PageWide technology.

See the difference it’s made for others

Klinikum Passau provides primary healthcare services for the city of Passau, Germany, and specialised care as a level-II hospital for the entire region of 300,000 residents.

"By using the HP OfficeJet Pro X, we have reduced our printing costs by 20%. We have also been able to reduce our electricity costs by 70%," says Marcel Wimmer, IT organisation department, Klinikum Passau.

See what a difference the HP OfficeJet X series can make for you.