Coloplast is a company that reflects the passion, ambition and commitment of its founders, who helped to revolutionise medical care for people with intimate healthcare needs. By delivering products and services that make life easier for people with personal and private medical conditions, we focus on the needs of our customers by maintaining close collaboration and long-lasting partnerships.

At Coloplast Wound and Skin Care, we strive to achieve fewer days with fewer wounds. Our willingness to listen to the people who use our products and actively act on what we learn makes us special, and facilitates intelligent product design. With our education programmes, we share this deeper knowledge and guidance to help raise the global standard of care. By engaging in closer collaboration with healthcare professionals, our understanding of their needs enables us to tailor solutions, improve quality of life for patients living with wounds, and deliver optimised treatment programmes.

Providing deeper knowledge and guidance

We recognise that caring for wounds and skin can be a complex and uncertain process. Wounds change constantly, which means that healthcare professionals must respond to each change in the right way to ensure optimal healing. That is why we are dedicated to sharing deeper knowledge and guidance through our education and collaboration platform, Coloplast Professional.

To increase knowledge of modern wound healing principles and improve the standard of care for wound patients around the world, we have developed Coloplast HEAL. HEAL is an internationally endorsed education programme offering clinically relevant and easy- to-access training courses on a variety of wound care topics, all of which have been developed in close collaboration with international wound care experts and endorsed by EWMA (European Wound Management Association).

To support healthcare professionals with practical guidance we have developed the Triangle of Wound Assessment – a holistic wound assessment framework that guides healthcare professionals in a systematic and intuitive way of assessing and managing all three areas of the wound: wound bed, wound edge and periwound skin.

Coloplast HEAL and The Triangle of Wound Assessment are part of our ongoing efforts to provide healthcare professionals with practical and easy-to-use tools that help them to efficiently and confidently manage wound and skin complications

Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology

If a gap forms between a dressing and the wound bed it can impact the healing. It is here that excess exudate can pool, leading to bacterial growth, leakage and potentially delayed healing. However, there is a simple solution to this common challenge.

Biatain Silicone with 3DFit Technology conforms to the wound bed to fill the gap and reduce exudate pooling for optimal wound healing conditions. 3DFit Technology enables Biatain Silicone to not only conform to the wound bed, but also use microcapillaries within the foam to absorb the exudate vertically and retains the exudate even under compression.

Biatain Silicone Dressings – A perfect fit. Every time.

Biatain Silicone is a soft and conformable polyurethane foam dressing with a bacteria and waterproof top film, a lock-away layer and a gentle silicone adhesive layer. It can be used on a broad range of exuding chronic and acute wounds making Biatain Silicone the obvious choice for moist wound healing of commonly occurring wounds.

Biatain Silicone is indicated for a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds. They include leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, non-infected diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites, postoperative wounds and traumatic wounds. It can be used in combination with compression therapy and may be left in place for up to seven days.

Biatain Silicone Ag and Biatain Ag

Biatain Silicone Ag possesses the three qualities outlined in Biatain Silicone, the ability to conform to the wound bed, absorb vertically and retain exudate, along with the sustained release of silver for infection management.

Biatain Silicone Ag and Biatain Ag have been shown to kill 99.99% of mature biofilms (P. aeruginosa) and to prevent biofilm formation (shown in vitro). Both dressings are also effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi for up to seven days. These features are particularly relevant when considering the rise in non-healing wounds which are often caused by rapidly proliferating diseases such as diabetes. The topic of Wound Infection is outlined by Dr. Tonny Karlsmark of Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen in our recently published Combatting Wound Infection Policy Paper.

Future Perspectives for consideration

Coloplast is committed to continually improving our offering in order to achieve fewer days with fewer wounds. It is vital to consider how we prevent wound infections and how we prevent any infections from becoming permanent. In our recently published Policy Paper on Combatting Wound Infection, Dr. Tonny Karlsmark highlights the forgotten suffering of those with such wounds, suggesting strategies that Health Care Professionals may undertake. A condensed version of this article can be found in the Autumn 2019 edition of this journal, or additionally by using the enquiry form below.

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