Comprehensive system integration is essential to the efficient running of a healthcare facility and improving the patient experience. Advantech offers hardware and software solutions for a wide array of applications to ensure optimised patient care.

Within the healthcare sector, there is often talk of how to improve the human experience. For almost a decade, Advantech has been dedicated to providing hospitals with intelligent computer technology to help them achieve this goal. Reliable PCs with small footprints that are easy to clean with hospital detergents allow caregivers timely access to accurate patient information. Products are also medically certified to meet specific safety requirements and designed with isolated communication ports that allow other devices to be connected. Advantech is focused on providing solution-ready packages that are designed around carefully planned hardware and software. Advantech is committed to assisting hospitals in implementing technical solutions that help them improve areas such as outpatient services, nursing care and critical care.

It sees the intelligent hospital from the perspective of the patient as well as the medical staff, and tries to meet the needs of both. As part of its efforts to provide a better patient experience, one of Advantech’s solutions improves hospital workflow by integrating a queue number-calling system with application software to reduce patient waiting times. Popular of late is the bedside terminal, which helps patients stay connected with family, making their stay a more comfortable experience. These terminals are also used by staff to access patient medical records like X-rays, monitor vitals or manage medications.

Digital initiatives

In addition to the many direct benefits Advantech products bring to patients, its stringent medical safety certification process aids it as well. Equipment maximised for safety, in terms of design (rounded corners), as well as electrical specifications (radiation and leakage currents) and infection control, brings peace of mind to patients and caregivers. Advantech is also creating integrated operating rooms, providing high-end, robust computing terminals that aim to improve workflow for medical staff and improve the patient experience.

There is a lot to gain by improving efficiency, connecting systems and automating healthcare. With urbanisation, an aging population and fewer staff to take care of them, hospitals need to invest in efficiency and services for their staff and patients. The need for automation is simply a must to be able to cope with this situation. Advantech cooperates closely with its ECO partners that write application software for patient monitoring, patient entertainment or electronic medical records integration. Advantech also works closely with its alliance partners – like Intel and Microsoft – on early development initiatives and quickly delivers the newest technologies to the market. Cooperative partnerships lead to quickly deployable, unique solutions.

Advantech is one of Intel’s four premier intelligent system alliance partners worldwide, making them one of the most valued members of the Intel ISA programme. Intel ISA is composed of companies that provide software and hardware systems, services and applications in support of Intel’s embedded and communications business.